¿Size matters?

Sometimes the answer is yes and sometimes no.

In relation to the issue which occupies us, that is breast or chest ptosis, ¿Size does not necessarily matter?

Although it affects women with larger breasts to a greater extent, it does not mean that smaller sized women are free of this undesired effect. You can observe that in the accompanying photographs which correspond to three young and famous models their breasts are surprisingly fallen or drooped despite their small volume and age. More especially, if we consider that these women are completely dedicated to their bodies as it represents their working tool, and almost certainly have more time than ordinary women like us to devote to ourselves and our physical appearance.

This tells us, that this effect begins to arise from an early age.

There are several determining factors or elements that contribute to the changes in shape, position and loss of smoothness, (diets, pregnancy, menopause, poor diet, excess Sun) of breasts. However, the main factor responsible for these changes is the universal law of gravity. The skin gradually looses strength, elasticity and firmness, so it is essential to use appropriate bras at each time (sport, pregnancy, lactation, during sleep and rest periods). This will help you avoid the progressive loss of strength of the skin in the upper part of the chest, which is caused by the continual movement and weight of the breasts, if these are not properly supported by the appropriate garment.

Fortunately, we have a wide range of products and garments at our disposal that help us prevent, correct and stop this process. The daily and continued use of a BRA is what helps prevent the muscles in this region being constantly subject to this weight, and consequently, considerably delays the sagging process of the breasts or what is technically referred to as breast ptosis.

It goes without saying that these items should be purchased in specialized stores or shops, where the relevant professionals can help you choose the most appropriate for you.

Despite some few detractors, professionals from the medical and aesthetics world increasingly agree on the importance of using specific bras, such as Pillow Bra, while sleeping. As well as helping you avoid falling breasts, Pillow bra will also help prevent and correct the formation of wrinkles in the cleavage and neck area, and further, provide that much needed relief and pleasant relax to the breasts and bust from the stress produced by those conventional bras that we use during the day.

Finally, It is important to keep healthy eating habits by way of a diet rich in fruit and vegetables. You can use supplements from time to time by way of an antioxidant. It should include some type of phyto-estrogen which will help prevent the skin from sagging. The use of creams such as, and who´s composition contains silicon will help strengthen and provide firmness to the skin, while improving its general structure.

And don’t forget, it’s never too late to indulge and care for your body!

Marta Mª Fdez. Cuevas

Founder and Executive Director


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