At what age can one start using Pillow Bra?

After adolescence, you can start to use Pillow Bra once one has reached adulthood, however its use is particularly indicated from 25 years of age or from first pregnancy. Nevertheless you can anticipate it´s use if you have undergone breast operations or strict diets before the previously mentioned recommended age as well as any other circumstance that may produce tension or stretching of the skin in the cleavage area causing wrinkles in the neck area and chest.

It is difficult to establish a precise age, as the formation of wrinkles also depends on the quality of the skin which is unique to each person. One can have a perfect cleavage and neck area in their forties on the one hand and others on the other can have imperfections and sagging in their twenties.

How much time can I use Pillow Bra?

There is no time limit; it can be used throughout the day in normal activities. However, it`s use is especially recommended in times or circumstances in which the bust and chest area is put under increasing tension or strain: sports, resting or sleeping, during pregnancy, strict diets, increase and decrease of busts.

What effective life does a Pillow Bra have?

Pillow Bra`s effective life will depend on the care that it receives, however in general terms we consider it´s effective life to be up to 1 year.

Can I use Pillow Bra doing sport?

Pillow Bra is designed to offer maximum support and comfort in sporting activities and exercise. Not wearing a bra whilst exercising can lead to breast pain, tension in the upper back and neck and breaking down of the ligaments that support the breasts. A bra is a serious piece of equipment and the fitting should not be taken lightly, this piece of clothing is as important as a good pair of running shoes. In this sense, Pillow Bra adapts perfectly to chest and back, preventing the formation of wrinkles in the cleavage and neck area during exercise as well as all the benefits provided by a traditional sports bra.

Can I use Pillow Bra during pregnancy?

Trying to find the right bra while you’re pregnant may seem impossible. Not only are your breasts changing size and shape regularly, but at times they can be sore making you feel like wearing no bra at all! Your breasts will likely go through various cup sizes, especially during your last trimester and after childbirth.

Pillow Bra is particularly suitable during pregnancy as it provides optimal support and comfort. During this stage the chest increases considerably in size and produces tension and strain in the cleavage, chest and neck area, causing those dreaded wrinkles from the excessive stretching of the skin. This will be limited and will be under control thanks to the support of the breasts provided by Pillow Bra, whilst at the same time alleviating strain and thus providing greater comfort.

I have undergone breast surgery, can I use Pillow Bra?

Pillow Bra helps support and recover from surgery as well as avoiding the appearance of wrinkles in the area of the cleavage and neck. It helps to relieve stress and strain, and additionally helps to maintain the area affected by the operation in an adequate posture.

Does Pillow Bra leave marks on the skin?

Depending on the skin type or position during sleep, we may observe small pressure marks, similar to those left by other garments with shoulder straps, which will disappear within minutes of removing it.

I use a large size of bra, is there a Pillow Bra for me?

Pillow Bra is manufactured in different sizes which adapt to different perimeters of breast and cup measures. Marketed sizes are S, M, L and XL and cover 95% of all cases.
Lycra tends to stretch slightly, so we recommend that the cup should tend to be a bit tighter fitting initially when purchased, allowing it gradually adapt to each user, increasing its durability.

Are there any recommendations for washing and care for my Pillow Bra?

To prevent deformations of the central pad or cushion, the garment should always be washed by hand with neutral SOAP. Do not drain twisting. Hang to dry without using clothes pegs in the centerpiece.

I have allergy to some textiles. Can my Pillow Bra provoke skin irritations?

Pillow Bra is made with anti-allergic materials and its foam and lycra lining makes it more resistant than other bras. In addition, lycra tends to yield less than other materials due to its elasticity and does not generate any type of allergies and therefore does not cause any skin irritation.