Pillow Bra is a Top-bra specially designed to avoid the development of wrinkles in the cleavage and in the neck area, as well as the premature sagging of the breasts. This is possible thanks to the cushion that is incorporated in the bra, specially designed to fill the space between the breasts, and around the base of the neck. This provides full and optimal support preventing the sagging of the breasts and the appearance of wrinkles around the neckline and between the breasts. It reduces existing wrinkles and can even remove them completely if they are not yet fully formed.

Innovative, useful and aesthetic

  • Pillow Bra is the first bra that harmoniously combines innovation, technology and design to the service of beauty and health.
  • Pillow Bra is a unique product in the marketplace, which revolutionizes the concept of the bra: beautifying and caring for the female breast and its shape, in a comfortable and lasting way.
  • The manufacturing process used allows the highest standards of quality to be achieved in order to guarantee the achievement of its aesthetic and therapeutic objectives.

How is Pillow Bra made?

Pillow Bra is comprised of an ergonomic foam pad that fits perfectly between the breasts, filling the cleavage. The foam central pad incorporates two cups, without underwire, that fully cover the breasts, giving the garment a sporty style.

Pillow Bra fits carefully and adapts to the body with the help of front adjustable straps using Velcro. Pillow ® Bra straps is designed so that they can be self-adjusting without any help, unlike conventional bra straps. Pillow Bra is manufactured with anti-allergic materials and its foam lining provides greater comfort. In addition, it is entirely fabricated from nylon and seams have been reduced as far as possible. Thanks to these details, it significantly reduces discomforts so prevalent in other bras, and provides greater comfort.

Pillow Bra has been manufactured with materials which comply with the OEKO – TEX ® Standard 100 certification

All our fabrics are labeled OEKO – TEX ® Standard 100 which guarantee products that are free of chemicals or harmful substances. The OEKO – TEX ® Standard 100 is a unified system for the worldwide control and certification of raw materials, intermediate textiles and finished products. Its objective is to ensure that the textiles are free from harmful substances. The analysis of toxic substances includes prohibited substances and those regulated by law, chemicals dangerous to health, as well as other standards.
As to the buckle or fastener of the shoulder straps, they are made of Zamak bathed in ecological and anti-allergic nickel electrolytically finished without harmful substances, and which have passed all the tests required by EU regulations in relation to harmful substances.