Pillow Bra is currently the only bra that provides the maximum therapeutic and aesthetic benefits.

Therapeutic benefits

  • Prevents wrinkles in the cleavage and neckline areas
  • It helps to reduce the breasts from falling
  • It provides comfort and rest for the breasts
  • It completely protects and ensures total protection of the cleavage and neckline
  • It relieves the back
  • Reduces the discomfort caused by the breast sensitivity (symptoms of the
    Pre-Menstrual syndrome, breastfeeding, pregnancy, etc.)

Aesthetic and practical benefits

  • It adapts to the contour and natural shape of the breast
  • It provides a total support thanks to its wraparound design
  • It respects and helps to preserve the form and natural shape of the breasts
  • Suitable for use in all situations
  • Its composition gives it a pleasant sensation and does not produce skin allergies
  • It reduces seams to a minimum in order to reduce skin rashes
  • It has a unique design that makes it visually attractive.