Pillow Bra has decided to include two new sizes into its range of sizes: the pre-formed S and M, with the aim of reaching out to a greater number of women that may be undergoing strict diets or enjoying a pregnancy. During these periods women are temporarily subject to changes in their body’s constitution and appearance.

When we talk about bras, we can say that there are around 77 different sizes based on the different measurement systems. For this reason it is quiet difficult to simplify and condense them into a few sizes. Using a top as the basis for the design of PillowBra has facilitated to adapt a greater number of sizes into just a few sizes without losing its effectiveness and at the same time making sure to cover the requirements of each customer.

We can say that for each chest measurement and cup size, there is a specific size. It is for this reason that patron designers have unified criteria and in general, all measurements are based on a generally accepted method. Having said this, often we are normally faced with the need to adjust the length of the straps, and something just as important, the strap around the chest to assure a proper fit.

So, what are these Pre-formed sizes?

There are two approaches or concepts with respect to their design. On the one hand, we have those which are defined by the rounded design of the cup, the material used helps and grants the bust with a round and uniform shape. The semi-thickness of the textile employed avoids the transparency of the areolas or nipples, something which at times maybe inconvenient from an aesthetic point of view.

On the other hand, we have those which are manufactured using Lycra and which may have different grammage or thickness on the basis of the design of the garment. These cups are then applied a heat treatment with the object of providing a perfect fit to the bust. In these sizes, PillowBra is specially indicated for those people who have little chest measurement or contour around their thorax and whose cup sizes are type D, E, and F etc.

Furthermore, this treatment makes this new PillowBra size specially indicated and recommended for future mothers as it permits their breasts to gradually and progressively adapt to the changes in volume during all stages of their pregnancy and also during the breast feeding period later on. Additionally it avoids having to resort to the purchase of several garments as breasts increase in volume during this period.

Apart from this difference in design, all the other components are exactly the same as those in the original sizes of Pillow Bra, and therefore insure comfortable and integral support thanks to its embracing format, and which additionally helps to alleviate the pain of the breasts during pregnancy and to reduce the stress and strain produced in the back region.

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