Between the ages of 25 and 30 years we begin to notice the formation of small wrinkles in the cleavage area, generally appear in the mornings when we get out of bed.

Pillow Bra was developed as a specific solution to the appearance of wrinkles in the cleavage, and as a specialist bra to prevent the sagging and drooping of the breasts.

The deterioration of the skin in the form of the gradual appearance of wrinkles or creases is a process that happens with ageing and that takes place due to natural causes (loss of collagen, fiber that helps keep the skin firm; loss of the elasticity of skin, and the glycosaminoglycan’s, which help retain the humidity of the skin); as well as external factors (cold, sun, wind, tobacco, pregnancies, strict diets, operations, etc.).

The cleavage and neck region is without doubt one where the skin is most delicate and sensitive, and consequently suffers with the passage of time. Notwithstanding this, it is one of the parts of our body to which we dedicate less care.

Furthermore, breasts due to their composition (adipose tissue, glands, collagen fiber, capillaries, etc.), to their lack of support (no muscular support) and as a consequence of the effect of gravity, end up losing consistency and causing progressive sagging. We can therefore say, that the sagging of the breasts is proportional to the loss of firmness of the skin in the cleavage area, their only support.

Moreover, the formation of wrinkles is accelerated by certain postures and movements, especially during periods of sleep or rest. When sleeping, particularly on ones side, breasts slide over each other, dragging and pulling the skin of the chest and cleavage area into the central area of the chest. The result, are wrinkles that appear the following morning, but end up disappearing shortly after getting up. However, day after day and following many hours of sleep in the same position, they end up becoming a feature of our skin; it is a process similar to the formation of wrinkles resulting from frequent facial expressions.

On the other hand, because of their weight and ageing, the skin that surrounds the bust begins to loose consistency and to stretch the skin of the cleavage area, its natural support. For this reason sagging is inevitable if they lack the extra support provided by an appropriate bra.

Wrinkles may also result from sporting activities, from the effects of slimming diets, or due to the changes that occur in the skin of the bust area following breast surgery.

Pillow Bra is a registered trademark that holds patents in the world’s major markets. Pillow Bra has been designed and tested entirely in Spain. It is currently manufactured in Portugal using the most advanced techniques and processes.