With respect to other products that offer some benefits but also disadvantages, Pillow Bra has all the features necessary to meet, without external accessories, all therapeutic and aesthetic needs to
There are other special bras on the market, however:
  • They do not cover the breasts and, therefore, do not prevent the breasts from sliding over each other.
  • They separate the breasts excessively and do not adequately support them, something which may be harmful.
  • They do not fill the space in the cleavage and neckline.
  • They are uncomfortable.
  • They are not very aesthetic.
  • They lack the proper consistency and do not stay in place.
  • They use unsuitable materials, which may prove very tight fitting and difficult to put on.

Pillow Bra does not separate, but fills the space and supports the breasts, avoiding their movement and keeping them in their natural comfortable position. In addition, its unique design makes it visually attractive and suitable to be used in all circumstances, both as underwear or as a top.