These are some of the comments made by woman after many months of intensive tests with Pillow Bra in different everyday situations:


“I was not aware of the existence of Pillow Bra until recently! I found it something exceptional! Not only does it avoid appearance of cleavage wrinkles but it also helps maintain and support breasts in the correct position during sleep, something which is really necessary if we want to delay the passage of time by avoiding the deterioration of this precious part of the body of a woman, and best of all! It´s very comfortable!”

Amparo Medina Dorado


“The money that many woman would have saved if they had have known of the existence of Pillow Bra. There´s no need for surgery, just sleep with it.”

Verónica Gutiérrez


“As an active user of the Pillow Bra, I would like to tell you that I am completely satisfied with the results. This bra not only helps improve the appearance of my cleavage, but it also provides me with uninterrupted and recommended sleeping periods due to the comfort provided by this garment. In conclusion, I am very happy with this garment as it is fulfilling all my expectations. Signed: Satisfied User”.

Lina Marcela Guerra


“After this summer I was alarmed by some ugly wrinkles that started to appear in my cleavage area, and which were particularly visible when I got up in the morning. I started to use Pillow Bra and from the first moment, I noticed a big difference, as these ugly wrinkles disappeared with its use. “Now I have recommended it to many of my friends, as these wrinkles in the cleavage and neck area makes one look undesirably older.”

Ana Muñiz


“It is very comfortable and practical. It does not move and is very soft and pleasant. I 100% recommend it!”

Ana María Rubio


“Pillow Bra looks great on me and is very comfortable. I did not think it would fit so well. I thought it would take me more time to adapt, but this was not the case. It is as if I was relieved from the weight of my bust during my sleep. Perfect!”

Teresa Calpe


“The truth is, I am very happy with Pillow Bra, I use it to sleep, it relieves the pressure on my bust since I tend to sleep facing down, and I find it very comfortable.”

Rebeca Toledo


“I have recently had breast cancer and despite of having overcoming it; I still have some discomfort in the breasts, as well as on the back. I do not know how, but Pillow Bra has contributed to reducing this discomfort as well as helping to reduce wrinkles in my cleavage. “Thank you Pillow Bra because you have made my nights and days more pleasant.”

Dolores Fdez. Expósito – Asturias