The formation of wrinkles in the cleavage and neckline area is a problem that affect all women, regardless of the size of their breasts or age, although, in certain cases and circumstances, it also depends on the care, quality of one´s skin, sleeping postures etc.

Although it is recommended for all women, it is specially indicated for:

  • All women who want to avoid the premature formation of wrinkles in their cleavage and neck area, as well as for those who wish to delay their breats from falling ahead of time
  • Women who want to improve the appearance of their cleavage
  • Women who have undergone any type of breast surgery and are recovering
  • Women who regularly practice intense sports or physical exercise
  • Women who, due to various circumstances, are forced to remain stationary or in bed for long periods of time
  • Women in the period of pre & post childbirth, as well as those who are breastfeeding