Have you ever wondered why and how those small wrinkles begin to appear in the cleavage area and between the breasts at a certain age? Probably, as was my case, it did not strike you at the bright age of 20, but as the years pass I can assure you that a day will come that when in front of the mirror your reaction will be ”Oh, how awful, What are these lines or wrinkles between my breasts? How have they appeared? This is my story and that of so many other women over the age of 20 and who still worry about their physical appearance and health. This is how I came up with the solution to the problem: Pillow Bra.

Often great inventions begin with a simple question: some were born with a “Eureka!” and in my case it was an “Oh my God…” I confess my initial reaction was one of worry, however rather than ignoring the problem, I began to search for solutions from day one.

Although I usually sleep with a bra, I noticed that while sleeping on my side or in the foetal position, the posture adopted by the majority of people when sleeping, it did not prevent my breasts from sliding one over the other, dragging and folding the skin of the neckline, cleavage area and between the breasts. Sleeping in this position for prolonged periods meant that every morning I would wake up with unsightly and unattractive vertical wrinkles in the cleavage area and between the breasts, only to disappear throughout the day and to reappear once again the next morning.

The continued habit of sleeping in the same position night after night makes these undesired creases longer lasting and eventually permanent. They form ugly wrinkles that disfigure our cleavage, much in the same way as those resulting from facial expressions.

It appeared that the wrinkles were as a result of sleeping on my side, so, I thought, “Easy!, why not sleep flat on my back”. But the truth is that after a couple of nights I found that my breasts moved towards the sides, pulling and dragging the skin from the cleavage producing, in my case, some severe lumbar pains.

Then, I thought “Let’s try sleeping flat on my stomach,”, but it goes without saying, apart from being really uncomfortable, it meant my breasts were being crushed. Conclusion, No thanks!

My preferred position was still sleeping on my side, despite being the posture that generates most wrinkles. I decided to place a small pillow between my breasts. It seemed to work at first, but the pillow slipped out constantly and needed to be replaced over and over again. The end result, I succeeded in keeping my breasts apart, but I didn’t get a wink of sleep!Despite everything, I refused to give up and I kept observing the behaviour of the bust region and breasts in the postures that we most often adopt while sleeping: which way did it stretch, and what was its natural and most comfortable position. And while I continued day after day, looking for a solution to prevent the formation of wrinkles, I realized that the solution consisted in FILLING THE GAP, not separating it.

This is how I came on the idea of creating a pad that would adapt itself to the shape of the breasts by filling the space between them in the interpectoral region in a flexible and comfortable manner. As they are not forced together, wrinkles are not formed between them and the skin is not compressed in the cleavage area.

However, I had another problem to resolve? What to do in order to support and contain the breasts in order to prevent the sagging process. The answer: CONTAIN THEM!

I was aware that sagging of the breasts occurs mainly due to the weakening of the muscle in the cleavage region, and therefore having only the skin to support them the chest loses consistency and the breasts sag. The skin in the cleavage region is progressively stretched further day by day. For this reason, it is very important that the bust should always be well supported by an adequate garment.

Furthermore, how should I keep the pad firmly between the breasts, so that it does not move? It was clear to me that solution required the creation of a special bra that would comply with its habitual function without deforming and at the same time permitting the insertion of a pad between the breasts in such a away as to avoid their sideways movement and their tendency to slide over each other. This is how Pillow Bra was born!

I started work immediately on this concept and in a few weeks had a homemade prototype, and which I continued to develop thanks to my skills in industrial pattern making and tailoring. I then began to share my prototype Pillow Bra with my friends and they all wanted one! For this reason, and because of my own dependence on my Pillow Bra for a good night’s sleep, I decided to manufacture it and put on the market, making it available to all of you.

I now want to present the final product to you, incorporating all the improvements in design and materials that I have incorporated during its development over the last 3 years.

With Pillow Bra, cleavage wrinkles do not make me loose sleep.

Don’t wait any more! Try it now!



Marta Fernández Cuevas