Do you know the risks of using an inappropriate bra?

A study conducted in 2010 by the University of Barcelona, confirmed that 70% of women use an incorrect bra size, which according to physicians, in addition to the aesthetic problems, (creases under the breasts, scratches, etc.), can lead to pains in the back, shoulders, neck and breasts, and further worsen headaches, while possibly also giving rise to respiratory difficulties, derived from the excessive pressure that these garments can apply over the sternum region when worn incorrectly.

According to Pillow Bra´s advisor, Ms. Lupe Moreno Gallego, who represents a very prestigious corset and lingerie retailer in Madrid Spain, a small bra that oppresses the chest or whose under wires stick into the bust, can eventually damage the breast ligaments and accelerate the sagging process; excessive pressure, can hinder the blood flow and lead to the development of cysts and even produce more severe pathologies. For those who do not usually wear a bra or use a larger size than that indicted, as well as having an impact on the sagging process it may also have an effect on the tendons of shoulders by forcing them to do all the work of ‘support’ and which may lead to injuries such as tendinitis.

The gynecologist Dr. Ignacio Zapardiel Sanchez-Escalonilla, also confirms that under wires, cause continuous friction with each movement of inter costal nerves, thereby submitting the breasts to a high level of stress. Therefore, he always recommends the use of appropriate garments that release the pressure during times of rest and sleep.

Apart from a purely sexy and decorative garment, we frequently forget the importance of using the appropriate garment, which by no means is incompatible with the beauty aspect of the garment. A good bra is an element of textile architecture, whose key functions are to: support, contain and shape the breast by way of a perfect and delicate contention system, which is designed to hold but never produce discomfort. The selection of the correct size bra is therefore the first rule, this entails learning to distinguish between Cup and Size, theme which we will discuss in our next post.

We must bear in mind that our size varies as a consequence of hormonal changes, pregnancy, weight fluctuations, periods of lactation, etc., and therefore require a garment whose size is suitable on each occasion throughout our lives. Your choice is also determined by the type of life style or activity that each of us carry out daily. For example, the ideal bra for a woman who is sitting for long periods of time in front of a computer is not necessarily appropriate for that of a physiotherapist whose work is done standing and in continuous movement.

Breast surgery, either for aesthetic or medical reasons, is another factor that we must consider when choosing the correct bra, similarly when undergoing sporting activities.

We therefore conclude that the ideal “lingerie wardrobe”, should be one that includes, a sports bra, those for night or party dresses, common every day bras, and finally Pillow Bra to cover the needs of one of the most important moments of the day, rest and sleep. Its aim is to provide support to the breast during the time when it suffers most due to postural changes while sleeping, and further, and as it is well known, the main reason for the appearance of wrinkles in the neck and sagging.

And if you have doubts, always seek advice at a specialized store where the staff will help you choose the garment which is most beautiful, healthy and appropriate for you.

By Marta Fdez. Cuevas

CEO of Pillow Bra Enterprises, S.L.

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