Through PayPal credit card

The secure payment card is via the PayPal Virtual POS. The Terminal point of Sale (POS) is an electronic device that allows you to accept payment by credit/debit cards. The Virtual POS receives purchase card orders, processes them in real time and answers, both the buyer and the store the result of the transaction, paying the amount in the account of the trade. accepts payments made by the major market credit/debit cards: Visa, MasterCard, Visa Electron (debit) and American Express.

The Virtual PayPal POS in implements the compulsory introduction of the CVV2 card number (series of 3 numbers located on the back of the card), as it has proved to be an effective method against fraud. In addition and optionally it also activates the 3DSECURE authentication protocols for clients, promoted by VISA and MasterCard brands.

PayPal ®

Secure payment solution that enables buyers and businesses to send and receive money online. No need to enter bank details only requires that you create a Paypal account and make payments by only entering your email and password. The use of this form of payment is subject to a surcharge of 2% in prices. More info

Bank Transfer

In order to make your purchase by means of Bank Transfer you will have to deposit the total of the amount of the order to the following account:

Banco Santander 0049 0128 58 2910918911

IBAN: ES3400490128582910918911


Beneficiario: Corsetería Lupe SL

As the object of the bank transfer you must indicate the identifier (#PB-XXXX) of your order
This bank transfer will have to be made effective in the beneficierys account in a maximum term of four days from the entry of the order. If in this term there is certainty of the non payment, the order will be automatically cancelled and the article released for its later sale.
Important: The orders will not be sent until the bank transfer is made effective in the indicated banking account.


You can request an invoice through our consultation form. You must provide the name and the tax data for the issuance of the same.