In order to buy a product in you must follow the steps that we indicate below and you will receive your PillowBra® at your home or at the indicated address with total security and without complications.

1. Navigate, choose and buy in the online store

Enter the store to navigate through the section and to select one or several products.

Next to the image and description of each product you will find two drop-down menus: Size and Color. Select one of the sizes and a color in these drop-down menus. If you wish several units of the same model and color, select the number of units by pressing the (+) symbol. You can find it next to the “add to cart” button. Then select “add to cart”. If you wish to buy other models follow the same procedure as before for each one.

Once you finish, go to the top corner on the right hand side and press on the button that indicates the current price of your stored order. You will then be directed to the page where you will find the content of your purchase cart.

You can then calculate shipping or carriage costs by pressing the Cost of shipping button, and by introducing the province and postal code and finally pressing on “Update costs”.
If you have a coupon, enter the number and press on “apply coupon”.

If you do not have coupon, directly press the “finalize purchase” button.

If it is your first purchase in you will be required to fill a form with your data which will appear during the purchase process. This form includes all the data necessary to carry out the order, delivery and invoicing address etc. and finally press the “finalizing purchase” button.

If you are already registered, enter with your password. If you do not remember your password of access press “forgot your password” button, and you will receive an email which will provide you with instructions for your access.

2. Complete your purchase order

Finally you will be redirected to the PayPal safe payment gateway, where you will be able to make your payment by introducing your credit/debit card information, or if you have a Paypal account simply enter your password for access. Before you execute your purchase and complete the order, verify that everything is correct.

It is extremely important that the email address that you provide is correct, as you will receive all the information regarding the status of your order at this email address.

a) Confirmation of your the order

Once you have made the order, you will receive a confirmation email with all the information regarding your purchase. You will receive another email once the order has left our warehouses.

b) Delivery address

The order will be sent to the delivery address that you have indicated in the order form. Once the product is sent, you will receive an email indicating the purchase record number.